Friday, April 8, 2011

Bring that Beat back!

I know that I should do Part Two of my Adventures in the World of Indie Filmmaking post, but, this week's been so great that I didn't want to go back to DepressoLand. Way to avoid having D.I.Y. turning into D.I.Whine...

Yesterday, Kate and I were on a high from all off the Conversion goodness that's been happening as of late. But, we were feeling kinda restless, and without coffee (Dear God!), so we went to our local French bakery-type establishment to have a fine cup, and to take some photos. Kate was looking particularly gorgeous (I know: what else is new?) and I wanted to immortalize it. She had kind of a Beatnik thing going, so, we went to town with it.

What resulted is one of my favourite profile pics I ever took of her. Enjoy, Daddy-O!

Photo © 2011 Dominic F. Marceau / F Squared Media

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