Monday, January 31, 2011

Profiled: Kate MacDonald

With the advent of Facebook, amateur photographers from around the world have a platform on which to display their photographic skills. Sadly, most waste this opportunity by posting cellphone shots of their Friday nights. Others, like yours truly, like to take the time to do something artistic. I was lucky enough to find my muse, so to speak, in Kate MacDonald: a kindred spirit who has a keen sense of design, fashion and, most of all, fun.

Here are a few of the Facebook Profile pics I took of her.

Photos © 2009-2010 Dominic F. Marceau / F Squared Media

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dirk Ivens

Here are two sides of Dirk Ivens, captured at last year's Kinetik Festival. This man is a photographer's dream. With the cool electronics of Absolute Body Control, he lets out his true swagger. He poses, emotes, and charms the audience like no other. But when he switches to the 10,000 volt assault on the senses that is Dive, he becomes a man possessed, screaming and scratching at his chest, baring his tortured soul to the hypnotized audience.

Absolute Body Control :: Dirk Ivens & Eric Van Wonterghem

Dive :: Dirk Ivens

Photos © 2010 Dominic F. Marceau / F Squared Media

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One little dot.

pix·el noun \ˈpik-səl, -ˌsel\

Definition of PIXEL

1: any of the small discrete elements that together constitute an image (as on a television or computer screen)

2: any of the detecting elements of a charge-coupled device used as an optical sensor

Origin of PIXEL

pix + element

First Known Use: 1969


There's something special about the pixel. It's small, almost inconsequential, in fact, most people are flat out unaware of its existence. But it's an integral part of everything that surrounds us, and each one is as important as his neighbour. You don't believe me? Ever have one of the little buggers burn out on your computer screen? It's all you see! Who knew that one insignificant little black dot could ruin your day. Now, think of the opposite. One little dot, when joined by thousands of other little dots can show you the entire world and all its beauty. That's hardly insignificant. Thoughts and photographs can be such little dots. In this vast blogosphere, one man's words and pictures are one in a million. But each one is as important as its neighbour. Insignificant? You be the judge.